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August 2020


Parents in England should be alert to the processes around the Sex and Relationships guidance for English Schools. It represents a fundamental shift in the ability of parents to withdraw children from material that conflicts with their beliefs and parents have no right of veto. However, the school MUST consult with parents - it is the only area of the curriculum that asks for this in the official guidance. As a Christian,  you should be alert an challenge any change that is celebrating something that the Bible doesn’t, while showing tolerance to all. The Christian institute have some helpful links.


On a regular basis Middletome seeks to review books and pamphlets. The reviews are usually written by the editor of the site. If you wish to provide a book for consideration of review then you can contact the editor using the link at the base of the page.

If you are interested in the books then I would recommend giving Sandy a call or using the FP Bookroom website.


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