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Book Reviews (J-Z)

James P. Boyce - Tom Nettles

John Newton and the English Evangelical Tradition - Hindmarsh

J.C. Ryle - Christian Institute

Lady Jane Grey - Faith Cook

Knots Untied - J. C. Ryle

Lady Glenorchy and her churches

Major Points from the Minor Prophets -   J. Blanchard

On the Reliability of the Old Testament - K. Kitchen

One of Heavens Jewels - N. Campbell

Our Southern Zion - D. Calhoun

Peace and Truth (Protest) - J. Brentnall

Pope Benedict XVI and the United Kingdom

Portrait of Calvin - T. H. L. Parker

Robert Bruce - D.C. MacNicoll

R L Dabney -  Sean Lucas

Simon Peter - Hugh Martin

The Godly Man’s Picture - Thomas Watson

The Lord’s Supper - M. Maclean

The Man God Mastered (John Calvin) - J. Cadier

The NT Documents - F. F. Bruce

The People’s Bible - D. Wilson

The Reformed Faith - D. Beaton

The Scottish Reformation - D. H. Fleming

The Soul Winner - C. H. Spurgeon

Treasures from Bible Times - A. Millard

The Way of Life - Charles Hodge

Travel with Ryle

Undercover Revolution - I. Murray

Understanding the Bible - J. Stott

Uniformity to Unity - G. Nuttall

William Carey - S. Pearce Carey

William Wilberforce - S. Tomkins