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A Presbyterian Internet Journal
Which Bible? The A.V. versus other versions – Rev Alex McPherson
Who should be baptised? The answer given by Scripture – Rev K M Watkins
An Apostle of England, our debt to William Tyndale – Rev K M Watkins
Walk as children of light, our witness to the world – Rev D J Macdonald
For such a time as this, Lessons from the life of Esther – Rev D J Macdonald

Victorian doubt – Crisis of unbelief – The issues at stake in 1893 – Rev D M Boyd
African Mission Report, Colour slides and comments – Rev D B Macleod
A faithful founding father, a sketch of the life of Rev Donald Macfarlane – Mr A Gillies
Walk Circumspectly, The characteristics of a true Christian – Rev G G Hutton
A Contender for the cause of God, Lessons from the life of Nehemiah – Rev N M Ross

Thy Word most true and sure, The absolute reliability of the Bible – Rev K D Macleod
Eastern Europe Mission Report, Colour slides and comments – Rev D A Ross
Thomas Hogg, Highland Covenanter, a sketch of his life and work – Rev K D Macleod
The Worlds were framed by the word of God, The evidence of Biblical creationism – Rev D M Boyd
He did that which was right, Lessons from the life of King Josiah – Rev J Goldby

Marriage is honourable, Scripture principles and practice – Rev D A Ross
Purity of Worship, The worship which God requires – Rev G G Hutton
African Mission Update, Illustrated Report – Mr N Murray
The New Age Movement, Its nature and danger – Dr D MacSween
More Blessed to give, Guidelines for Christian giving – Rev G G Hutton