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A Presbyterian Internet Journal
Conversion – What Is It? Turning from sin to God – Rev G G Hutton
The Sanctity of Life, Where lies its value? – Rev J R Tallach
Our English Bible, Translations past and present – Rev K M Watkins
The relevance of the reformation today, Its doctrine and practice – Rev J Macleod
Daniel and his times, Lessons from the life of Daniel – Rev K M Watkins

Moses the man of God, Lessons from the life of Moses – Rev D J Macdonald
The Wonders done of old, The story of some Scottish Revivals – Rev K D Macleod
To be a Pilgrim, The Major events in the Pilgrim’s Progress – Rev A McPherson
The Old Testament for Today, Its continuing relevance – Rev D M Boyd
That Precious servant of God, The life of Alexander Henderson – Rev K D Macleod

Showers of Blessing, Religious Revivals in the Highlands – Rev G G Hutton
Come over…and Help us, An Illustrated Talk on Free Presbyterian Missions in Africa – Rev N M Ross
The Mode of Baptism, How Baptism should be administered – Rev K M Watkins
Contending for Scriptural Truth, The Church in Australia – Rev B Whear
The Charismatic Movement, The Gifts have ceased – Rev K M Watkins
Begotten again unto a lively hope, Lessons from the life of Apostle Peter – Rev Roderick Macleod

Times of Refreshing from the Lord, What true revivals of religion are – Rev D M Boyd
The Whole Earth filled with his glory, The Millennium promised in scripture – Rev K D Macleod
So Holy an Example, A Sketch of John Welsh, the Covenanter – Rev K D Macleod
Lord, What wilt thou have me to do? How the Lord requires us to serve him – Rev A McPherson
In Labours more abundant, The life and work of the Apostle Paul – Rev J R Tallach