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A Presbyterian Internet Journal
All have sinned, What the Bible teaches about the fall and its effects – Rev A Smith
The Apostle of the North, The life of John Macdonald, Ferintosh – Rev D W B Somerset
Mary, the mother of our Lord, some practical lessons – Rev J R Tallach

Muhammad’s God, A Christian perspective on Islam – Rev A J MacDonald
Come over and Help Us, Mission work in Eastern Europe – Rev D A Ross and The Duty of Prayer
Man made in the image of God, What does it mean for us today? – Rev G G Hutton
A Man of rare Godliness, The life and witness of Rev Donald Macdonald – Rev J L Goldby
The Son of Promise, Lessons from the life of Isaac – Rev D J Macdonald

2001 (no recordings)
Recovering Mansoul, John Bunyan’s Holy War – Rev Roderick Macleod
That Meek Man of God, Thomas Cranmer and the English Reformation – Rev K D Macleod
Living by the light of God’s word, Biblical morality for today – Rev N M Ross
The Wonderful Works of God, The Skye Revival (1812-1820) – Rev D J Macdonald
The Prophet Samuel, A messenger sent by God – Rev J L Goldby

The Lord was with Joseph, some lessons for today – Rev N M Ross
The Sabbath, Whose day is it – Rev K M Watkins
The Morning star of the Reformation, The story of John Wycliffe – Rev J R Tallach
The Angel of the Lord, Christ’s appearances in the Old Testament – Rev Angus Smith

Keeping God’s Commandments, Christian behaviour in today’s world – Rev D J Macdonald
Christ’s Will for his church, what the bible says about church government? – Rev H M Cartwright
Christ Jesus Came…to save sinners, The Atonement and the Free Offer of the Gospel – Rev D A Ross
From Patrick to the Present, The story of Irish Christianity – Rev G G Hutton
He Trusted in the Lord God, Lessons from the life of Hezekiah – Rev D J Macdonald