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New Year's Day Lectures at Barnoldswick
New Year’s Day 1989 (The Westminster Confession)
New Year's Day 2007 (Biblical Church Discipline)
New Year's Day 2008 (Abortion and the Sanctity of Life)
New Year's Day 2009 (John Calvin)
New Year's Day 2010 (Roman Catholicism and the Scottish Reformation)
New Year’s Day 2011 (The Authorised Version of the Bible)
New Year’s Day 2012 (The importance of family worship)
New Year’s Day 2013 (The Great Ejection - English Presbyterianism)
New Year’s Day 2014 (John Knox, England and the Regulative Principle)

Other New Year's Day Lectures
2 Samuel 14 v. 14      (Rev. W. Maclean)
1 Chronicles 12 v. 32  (Rev. D. Maclean)
Revelation 3 v. 10       (Rev. D. Maclean - New Years Day 1969)
Revelation 1 v 20         (Rev D. Maclean - New Years Day 1998)
New Year's Day Lectures
It has been the practice within the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland for its ministers and elders to give a public lecture on New Year's Day to outline the principles and stand of the denomination. The aim of these public lectures is to maintain the witness of the church in the next generation.