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A Presbyterian Internet Journal
The Scottish Reformation of 1560, 450 years of blessing for Scotland - Rev. Douglas Somerset
John Knox, His life and greatness - Rev. Douglas Somerset

Effectual Calling - Rev. J. Macleod
Overview of the Bible - Rev. K D Macleod
Roman Catholicism - Rev. D. Somerset
Samson - Rev. B. Jardine

As the Lord Commanded - Rev. D. Somerset
John Knox - Rev. H. Cartwright
Reliable Bible Translation - Mr P. Rowland
The Holy War - Rev. R. Macleod

2005 (No recordings)
God the Father, What this doctrine teaches us – Rev J R Tallach
Go Ye into All the World, Aspects of the Free Presbyterian Church’s Mission Work – Rev John Macleod
Marriage, What the Bible teaches – Rev G G Hutton
A Time of Surprising Conversions, Jonathan Edwards and his work – Rev K D Macleod
The Man After God’s own heart, David the son of Jesse – Rev John Macleod

2004  (No recordings)
The Role of Women in Society, Some Biblical principles – Rev N M Ross
Eastern Europe, Free Presbyterian Mission and religious background – Rev David Campbell
The Providence of God, The doctrine and how it applies to our lives – Rev H M Cartwright
A Church Unique in Christendom, Some Free Presbyterian Church principles – Rev Roderick Macleod
A Barnabas and Boanerges, James Kidd of Aberdeen – Rev D W B Somerset

2003  (No recordings)
In the Beginning, What the Bible teaches about creation – Rev David Campbell