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Book Reviews (A-I)

Archaic or Accurate - J.Thackway

Against the Flow - John Lennox

Anyone for Heaven - John Blanchard

A Heart for Africa (J. Nicholson) - D. MacCuish

At the Cutting Edge - F. Catherwood

Back to the Blackboard - Jay E. Adams

Banner in the West - J. Macleod

Bible - Gordon Campbell

Between the Testaments - C. F. Pfeiffer

Biblical Economics - R. C. Sproul

Charles Hodge - W. A. Hoffecker

Chosen by God - Christopher Catherwood

Colossians and Philemon - W Hendriksen

Cornelius Van Til - J. R. Muether

Christianity in America - Edited Noll et al

Cults and the Occult - E. C. Gruss

Dawkins Delusion - A. McGrath

Ernie Reisinger - G. Thomas

Everlasting Way - E. J. Young

Exile and Return - C. F. Pfeiffer

From Graham to Palin - D. Hart

God’s Undertaker - John C Lennox

Hear me carefully - Marlene Williams

Hebrews - G. B. Wilson

Hiding Place (Corrie Ten Boom) - J&E Sherrill

Holdfast your confession - F.C. Ministers

Hudson Taylor - P. Thompson

I believe in preaching - J. Stott

Irregular Candidate (Jackie Ross) - I. Howat