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NinetySix and Ten Blog
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The Christian Apologetic - A talk design for delivery to 17 year old philosophy students

The legacy of John Wesley in 3 articles (each of these was published separately in the FP magazine - 1, 2, 3)

Life of Ralph Erskine - This is the introduction to his 10 volume Works - republished by the FP Church

Life of Martin Luther - A Monk to Statesman - Part 1, Part 2, Handout, Text of the Talk

Life of Donald Maclean - The newspaper article on the retirement of Rev. D. Maclean Glasgow - The obituary from the Scotsman and the Obituary from the Herald.

Life of Alexander Stewart - The Free Church minister who wrote the book called The Tree of Promise)

Life of David Stow - This is a most valuable text on the subject of Presbyterianism and Education and has never been republished - Parts 1 2 3 4 5 and 6

Science and the Bible - A talk designed for younger audiences


The 1696 Education Act - An a second similar article

Hugh Martin on National Education

The work of David Stow - First published in the Banner of Truth - June 2008

The work of David Stow - A 2nd article trying to apply the principles of David Stow - July 2008

Education - This was an accompanying article by W. Chantry that appeared in the Banner - July 2008

Education - Responses to the articles by myself and Rev. W. Chantry from the Banner - October 2008