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June 2020


Middletome is pleased to host a set of sermons that are primarily taken from pulpits of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland.

The official Free Presbyterian website hosts a greater variety of contemporary sermons. This site aims to provide a back catalogue from eminent ministers, many now in eternity. The views expressed in the sermons are not necessarily those of either the FP Church or this site.


On a regular basis Middletome seeks to review books and pamphlets. The reviews are usually written by the editor of the site. If you wish to provide a book for consideration of review then you can contact the editor using the link at the base of the page.

If you are interested in the books then I would recommend giving Sandy a call or using the FP Bookroom website.


Middletome uses Youtube to host some of its video content. The video content all relates to either the FP Church or closely linked themes. Middletome does not assert any copyright over the material on Youtube. .

Site Editor: Dr Middleton

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